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    Life is short .... Don't just cope

Are you suffering from stress, depression or anxiety? Perhaps you have physical or emotional pain. Or maybe your just constantly feeling run down.

Imagine how you will feel without these ailments and conditions affecting your everyday life.

It is widely recognised that Reiki therapy is extremely powerful and can achieve amazing results in treating a wide range of issues. It is particularly successful when dealing with the symptoms of stress. So whatever your issue or ailment, don't ignore it. There is a way forward and you're free to choose it

And there's no reason you can't start feeling better today...

As a Reiki master teacher I help my clients with a whole range of illnesses and issues. At 3 Candles Reiki you will find a relaxing, calm and peaceful space. I believe in a confidential, compassionate and professional approach to improving your wellbeing.

Importantly, you can be assured that you will receive your Reiki treatment from a fully qualified, experienced therapist. Read what my clients are saying

The practice is located a short 5 minute walk from Mansfield town centre. Click here for directions.

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3 candles reiki in mansfield. Heal your life

What is Reiki?

Reiki works holistically on four levels: Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The technique works using the principle of energy transference from me to you. In many cases, illness symptoms are simply manifestations of energy blockages. These may be related to anything from relationship problems, to physical injury, to work stress. (Click here for a more extensive list)

The increased vibration of the energy during the session removes the blockages to restore your physical and emotional well-being. Reiki really is remarkable. Click here to learn more about Reiki therapy

What to expect during your treatment?

You will lie on the therapy couch, fully clothed. Reiki energy is passed through my hands onto, or above specific points known as chakras. You may experience sensations such as warmth, tingling or even see colours. No concentration is required and you can simply relax during the treatment. Infact many of my clients actually fall asleep.

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Life is short .... Every day you suffer is a day lost

Who is Reiki For? .... Reiki is for everyone!

The benefits of receiving a Reiki treatment are not dependent on your age, religious beliefs or even if you're a sceptic.

So if you feel its time to move forward and substantially improve your life, contact me today to arrange an appointment.

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